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What's your most valuable practice tool?

Here at Ark Health we're big fans of Bite Magazine's "Tools of the Trade" section. This month's nomination was for Microcopy's Bite-Chek. Read on to find out why Dr Sonia Sahota from Smiles of Diamond Creek in Victoria considers it a dental practice must-have...

Microcopy Bite-Chek is a Bite Magazine 2020 Tools of the Trade

Bite Magazine's May edition just featured Microcopy's Bite-Chek as it's feature "Tools of the Trade" product.

Bite-Chek was nominated by Dr Sonia Sahota from Smiles of Diamond Creek in Victoria. 


According to the review, "Bite-Chek is slickly designed double-sided articulating film that is used to mark points of contact."

Dr Sahota says that "it allows for extremely accurate assessment and adjustments when assessing occlusion. The results are fantastic and I find I’m not adjusting too much or too little... I really love the overall look and feel of it. It has an in-built handle that eliminates the need for tweezers or metal forceps which can be unpleasant if the patient bites down on them. It also doesn’t get messy and leave dye all over the place as you’re only touching the handle."

Read the full review here:


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